Garbage & Recycling

The City of St. Joseph contracts with Republic Services to provide refuse service to all non-rental property within the City of St. Joseph and rental property with three or fewer units. Non-residential property shall privately contract for the removal of refuse. The requirement for mandatory refuse collection is provided through St. Joseph Code of Ordinance 1007.

In addition to providing residential refuse service, the city maintains a compost area for residents to deposit lawn / garden waste and branches. Material that can be composted cannot be placed in the refuse receptacles provided by the refuse hauler. 


The refuse hauler will provide each resident with a garage receptacle which holds either or 30 or 60 gallons. In addition, the refuse hauler will provide a separate receptacle for recycling items. Refuse is picked up each Thursday with recycling picked up every other week. Receptacles placed near the street for collection can only be placed outside 24 hours prior to collection and must be brought back to the property within 24 hours of collection.

Refuse Rates

Recycling Cart, 60 gallon$15.80per bi-month
Recycling Cart, 90 gallon$22.10per bi-month
Extra Recycling Cart$15.80per bi-month
Overflow Bag$5.00per bi-month
Senior Citizen Rate (Over 65 Years of Age), 30 Gal Cart Only$19.00per bi-month
30 Gallon Refuse$19.00per bi-month
60 Gallon Refuse$20.50per bi-month
90 Gallon Refuse$24.50per bi-month
2nd Refuse Cart$11.00per bi-month
Solid Waste Management Tax9.75%


It is unlawful to place or allow any furniture constructed and originally sold for inside a structure at a place or location where it would be exposed to the weather elements and within view of the general public, unless it is has been set out to be picked up and transported to a disposal site within 48 hours.

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