Orderly Annexation Agreement

Orderly Annexation Agreement (OAA)- City and Township of St. Joseph

In 1997, the City and Township of St. Joseph entered into an Orderly Annexation Agreement to provide for cooperative future planning for land governed by the two jurisdictions. The OAA encourages future development near the city so as to avail such development of municipal services as much as is practical.

Amended Agreement

In 2010, the city and Township of St. Joseph amended the OAA to clarify the land development process. The amendment identifies Stearns County Environmental Services as the zoning administrator for the affected area, creates a special zoning district entitled Urban Expansion and creates a Joint Planning Board. The Joint Planning Board considers all matters and with the exception of rezoning, their decision if final and aggrieved property owners appeal is through district court.

Joint Planning Board

The Joint Planning Board consists of four members from the City of St. Joseph; four members form St. Joseph Township and one ex-officio member from Stearns County. Provided there is business to discuss, the regular meeting of the Joint Planning Board is the second Monday of each month at 7:00 pm at the St. Joseph Township Hall.