Summer Softball/Baseball/Soccer Leagues

The City of St Joseph is offering softball/baseball/Soccer leagues this summer! Softball, baseball and soccer programs are an excellent way to help your child develop hand-eye coordination and decision-making skills. The focus will be on developing fundamentals of the game – running the bases, catching, throwing, hitting; ball handling, passing–while also instilling sportsmanship and promoting teamwork.

  • Everyone plays in every game, all skill levels welcome
  • Bats, balls, tees, & helmets will be provided (please have your child bring their own glove)
  • Each participant will receive a t-shirt

 **All sessions will be held at the Millstream Park Fields**


B-100 T-Ball               Ages: 4-6         Mon 6-7PM     June 6 – July 25          Cost $20

For kids new to baseball/softball and eager to learn the basic skills and the rules of the game. Kids will have the opportunity to hit from a tee, developing the correct form and hand-eye coordination. Balls used will be Incrediballs which mimic the size and weight of a baseball with a softer composition to prevent injuries.


B-200 Soft Toss           Ages: 6-8         Tues 6-7PM     June 7 – July 26          Cost $20

For kids that have already been introduced to the basic skills of the sport, but are anxious to hone those skills. Participants will work on improving their throwing, catching, and situations in position play. The season will start with hitting off a tee and graduate to hitting balls tossed by a coach. 


B-300 Coach Pitch Baseball    Ages: 9-10       Tues 7:15-8:15PM       June 7 – July 26           Cost $20

For kids that have a solid grasp of the skills of baseball. Players will continue to develop skills and position play. The season will begin with players hitting balls pitched by coaches and graduate to player pitched balls.


S-400 Pony League Girls Softball       Ages: 9-10       Mon 6-7PM     June 6 – July 25          Cost $20

For kids that have a solid grasp of the basic skills. Players will continue working on skills and positions for softball. Participants will begin pitching to each other. No metal cleats allowed.


S-500 Soccer    Ages 6-10        Monday 7-8PM           June 6 – July 25          Cost $20

For kids wanting to learn the basic skills and rules of the game. Kids will develop the correct form and hand(foot) eye coordination, passing skills, and team play.