SnowFest 2021

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Medallion Rules & Clues

The Medallion has been found! Stay tuned to find out who the lucky individual/s are.

February 22nd, CLUE #1 
"Your odds will be one in eight. If you find it now, you will not wait."

February 23rd, CLUE #2  
"Wells Fargo in another life, go that way to end your strife."

February 24th, CLUE #3
"This is a land of many tosses, find it now to cut your losses."

February 25th, CLUE #4 
"Labor pains and fancy dances, get this clue to increase your chances."

February 26th, CLUE #5
"You'll go here to quaff your thirst or sate your hunger with a wurst."