The City of St. Joseph recognizes the importance of parks, open spaces, nature areas, trails, and recreation facilities in the overall health and well-being of the community. The city is committed to:

  • Promoting a sense of wellness and healthy lifestyles for the community
  • Providing a wholesome, enjoyable, safe, and aesthetically pleasing recreation system for current and future neighborhoods
  • Fostering community social interaction using the city parks
  • Protecting natural resources and open spaces within the City of St. Joseph
  • Providing the community with efficient recreational services and facilities at their parks
  • Providing efficient, functional, well-maintained, and responsive recreational services and facilities

Park Planning

Recognizing the importance of a park and trail system to the community, the City of St. Joseph commissioned SEH to complete a park and trail system plan. The park and trail system plan is a policy document and long-range planning tool used to guide St. Joseph's future decision-making.

Master Park Plan


The City of St. Joseph maintains approximately 78 acres of parkland. The parks are listed below.