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Business & Zoning Permit Information
Licenses & Permits
International, federal, and state: Most business ventures are required to secure licenses and/or permit to operate. Such licenses or permits can be required under international, federal, state, or local rules. The SBA provides an excellent resource for review of potentially applicable international and federal regulations. In addition, you can find information regarding applicable state regulations by business type or product offered at the state website.

Business Licenses & Permits
Some types of businesses or retailers require a license / permit from the City of St. Joseph. Information regarding business licenses or permits for required by the City of St. Joseph follows:
  • Liquor Licenses
  • Pawnbroker License
  • Tobacco Sales License
  • Tattoo License
  • Charitable Gambling Premises Permit
  • Jukeboxes, Pool Tables, Video Games, Electronic Games of Skill (i.e. Amusement Devices)
  • Home Occupations

Zoning Permit / Site Plan Review
All business establishments are subject to local land use (i.e. zoning) regulations. 

Conditional Use Permit
If a proposed business is classified as a conditional use within the applicable zoning classifications, a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) must be issued. An CUP requires a public hearing and notification of adjacent property owners.

Home Occupations
Businesses being operated out of home offices, homes, garages, and/or accessory structures may require a special use permit.

Site Plan Approval
Nearly all business establishments need to have a site plan approved. This process reviews how the applicable structure(s) will be placed on a parcel and related issues, including but not limited to signage, off-street parking, stormwater management, and landscaping. 

Building Permit
The City of St. Joseph has adopted the State building code and several supplemental codes. The result in a need for all persons contemplating construction, reconstruction, repair, enhancement, etc. to file for a building permit. Once a building permit is issued, the project can begin. Inspections will be conducted as defined in the permit culminating with the issuance of a certificate of occupancy. Please contact Gary Utsch at (320) 363-7201 or via email.

If you are an experienced developer and understand the development process you may download applicable applications on the building permits page.

For assistance in determining what licenses, permits, reviews, etc. you will need to operate a business in St. Joseph please contact Community Development Director Therese Haffner at (320) 229-9424 or via email.

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