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August 19, 2019
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Govenment Center
75 Callaway St E

St. Joseph, MN 56374
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City Council Meeting

Monday, August 19, 2019

St. Joseph City Council

August 19, 2019

6:00 PM



1.             6:00   PM          Call to order - Pledge of Allegiance  


2.             Public Comments          Up to 3 speakers will be allowed for up to 3 minutes each to address the council with questions/concerns/comments (regarding an item NOT on the agenda).  No Council response or action will be given/taken other than possible referral to Administration.


2a.        AED Grant Acknowledgement


3.             Approve Agenda


4.             Consent Agenda

a.     Fire Hall Rental Fee Waiver Requested Action: Authorize use of the St. Joseph Community Fire Hall at no charge for the Women of Today contingent upon the submittal of a completed reservation form and $200.00 damage deposit.

b.     Bills Payable Requested Action: Approve check numbers 054973-05530 and Payroll EFT #111715-111731 and Accounts Payables EFT #001891-001893.

c.     Treasurer’s Report Requested Action: Accept the July 2019 Treasurer’s Report as presented.

d.     DonationsRequested Action: Accept the donations and contributions as presented.

e.     Pay Application Request Action: Authorize the Mayor to execute Pay Application No. 5 for the MN Street Trail and authorize payment to RL Larson Excavating, Inc. in the amount of $161,225.69.

f.      Employee ReimbursementRequested Action: Consider payment approval to reimburse the employee in the amount of $405.41 from account 101-41941-210.

g.     Temporary Alley ClosureRequired Action: Authorize the Mayor and Administrator to amend the Outdoor Permit with the conditions identified by the Police Chief for the events to be held on August 23, 2019 & September 7, 2019 at the La Playette.

h.     Professional Services Agreement Requested Action: Execute the Professional Services Agreement between the City of St. Joseph and SEH for construction phase engineering services for the 2019 Street Improvements.


5.             Bond Sale, General Obligation Bond Series 2019A


6.             Batzer Second Addition/Astech Corporation

a.     Preliminary and Final Plat Request

b.     Conditional Use Permit Request


7.             Caribou Coffee – Findings of Fact


8.             Outdoor Liquor Event - Rocktoberfest


9.             2020 Budget – Engineer Capital Improvement Plan


10.          CLC – Developers Agreement Discussion


11.        Committee Reports

a.     Fire Board                                                             


12.        Department Reports

a.     Engineering

b.     Administration

c.     Community Development

d.     Finance

i.      Police

j.      Public Works


13.        Mayor Reports


14.        Adjourn