Looking Inside

Not all of us are winter outdoor nuts, in fact some of us think cold and snow are to be avoided.  Well we’ve got a little bit of a head start on indoor activities from the spring shutdown.  Jigsaw puzzles and board games that got “old” in March and April might need some supplements for the December through April that we’re looking forward to.  Let’s look at some of the challenges.  

Distance learning and working from home have proven to provide a number of challenges.  First, it puts adults and children in front of a computer screen more than might be helpful and disputes about computer use and sharing are inevitable.   Time for a family meeting before tempers fray to lay down the ground rules regarding media use.  And most importantly it puts parents and kids in a working proximity that they’re not use to.  Everybody needs some time to themselves. Some things that might help reduce screen time and be solitary activities to give each other space include the lost art of letter writing.  Imagine the thrill that a locked in grand parent, relative or service member would get from receiving a simple handwritten letter from a child or an adult.   I realize that this is completely old school but is something that most children have never done and in return they may receive reply correspond-dence.  There are a number of sites on the internet that will connect you with pen pals in other parts of the world.

Finding Pen Pals