Welcome CSB/SJU Students

The City of St. Joseph welcomes you to the community and hopes that your experience in the City is a positive one. 

Identified below are some topics that you may find useful. Please call the City Offices at 320-363-7201 with any questions.

Code of Ordinances

The City of St. Joseph maintains a Code of Ordinances which are considered local laws enforced by various city departments. The entire Code of Ordinances is contained on our website and is broken down into the various chapters. 

St. Joseph Code of Ordinances


The City of St. Joseph offers various services and amenities to all residents of the City of St. Joseph, some of which include:

  • Parks - The City maintains an extensive park and trail system. We encourage you to walk/ride/run the Wobegon Trail as well as using the park facilities in the City. 
  • Utility Services- If you are renting a home in St. Joseph, the City provides the water, sewer and refuse service. Refuse is collected every Thursday and all garbage MUST fit within the container provided. The refuse company will not pickup refuse sitting alongside the container. Containers should be out on the curb by 6AM each Thursday and must be removed the Friday following collection.
  • Elections - As a student at CSB/SJU, you are eligible to vote in St. Joseph (as long as you are 18+). If you choose to vote in St. Joseph as opposed to your hometown, you will need to register to vote. The best way to avoid lines on Election Day is to pre-register. Pre-Register Online.
    • Apply to be an Election Judge. We are always looking for Election Judges to help administer the Election Day process in the City. Election judges are paid $14/hour and head election judges are paid $15/hour.