Surficial Sand & Gravel Aquifer

The existing water supply and distribution system was placed into service in the 1920s as an extension of the system serving St. Benedict's Monastery. The St. Joseph public water supply currently uses and relies on one source water aquifer - the Surficial Sand and Gravel Aquifer. The sand and gravel aquifer is adequate the meet the city's current and future water demand.

Water Tower.png

Water Tower

The city operates a 500,000 gallon water storage facility (tower) that feeds water through the city. The water tower was constructed in 1992, with the city sky scape painted on the base. The tower is located at on the north side of the city, adjacent to the Wobegon Welcoming Center.

Water Filtration Plant

The city operates two filtration plants that receive water from six wells, purifying and placing into the distribution system. The original plant renovated in 1996, has the capacity to treat 1.5 MGD (million gallons per day) and the new facility constructed in 2006, has the capacity to treat up to 3.0 MGD. On average the city treats approximately 400,000 gallons per day, peaking at 1 million gallons per day during the summer months.