Stormwater Utility Rates

Storm Water Utility - Purpose

  • Establish and implement best management practices to reduce sediment and pollutants into the local watersheds.
  • Installation, operation, maintenance, and replacement of public drainage systems.
  • Activities necessary to maintain compliance with Federal and State Mandates
  • Education, engineering, inspection, monitoring, testing, and enforcement of activities

Rate Ratio

Residential Equivalency Factor (REF) is the ratio of the volume of runoff generated by the surface area of a particular land use to the surface area of a detached single-family land use. The following table is the number of units that will be assigned for billing purposes for each classification of property:

Land Use REF
Single Family 1.00
Mulit Family 2.72
Apartments / Condos / Townhomes 2.72
Commercial 4.23
Industrial / Institutional / Educational 3.30
Public / Quasi Public
Parks / Open / Space / Cemeteries Exempt
Road Right of Way Exempt
Lakes / Streams / Wetlands Exempt
Agricultural, vacant Exempt

Storm Water Rates - 2019

Home / Building Per Unit Per Billing Cycle (2 Months)
Single Family Dwelling $6.00
Duplex Residential Dwelling $6.00
Mulit-Family Dwelling (not duplex) $16.32
Commercial $25.38
Industrial $19.80
​Minimum Charge