Wastewater System

The Joseph Utility Department is managed by two utility operators under the oversight of the public works director. The wastewater (sewer) system can be divided into two distinct components, the sewage collection system and the wastewater treatment plant.

Collection System

The St. Joseph Utility Department manages the collection system component which includes a network of collection pipes with five lift stations. In 2009, the City Council commissioned SEH to prepare a Comprehensive Sanitary Sewer Plan to provide the city with a plan that provides guidance for the expansion of the city's collection system to serve the ultimate development area. The development area consists of the property within the corporate limits of the City of St. Joseph and the expansion areas outlined in an Orderly Annexation Agreement with the Township of St. Joseph.

Wastewater Treatment / Conveyance

The City of St. Joseph discharges into the St. Cloud Area Wastewater Facility which is owned by the City of St. Cloud. In 1986, the City of St. Joseph entered into a contract with the City of St. Cloud to discharge and treat wastewater pumped from St. Joseph. St. Joseph joined the cities of Sartell, Waite Park, Sauk Rapids, and St. Augusta as contract users of the St. Cloud Facility. Wastewater is pumped form St. Joseph through a force main located along CR 75 where it enters the St. Cloud sewer interceptor near the Tri City Lift Station located in St. Cloud.