Public Utilities - Billing Information

Services Billed

The City of St. Joseph bills for water, sewer, refuse, stormwater, and street light utilities. 

St. Joseph Utility Billing Cycle

Billing PeriodMeters ReadBills MailedPayments Due
Sep/Oct 2019Nov. 1stNov. 8thDec. 15th
Nov/Dec 2019**Jan. 1stJan. 10thFeb. 15th
Jan/Feb 2020Mar. 1stMar. 13thApr. 15th
Mar/Apr 2020May 1stMay 8thJun. 15th
May/Jun 2020Jul. 1stJul. 10thAug. 15th
Jul/Aug 2020Sep. 1stSep. 11thOct. 15th
Sep/Oct 2020Nov. 1stNov. 13thDec. 15th
Nov/Dec 2020**Jan. 1stJan. 8thFeb. 15th

**Single Family Residential sewer usage rate for the current and following five bills is capped at the water usage in this pay period.

The City of St. Joseph offers several payment options for utility bills. Payments may be made by check, cash, money order, or debit/credit card. Note: The payer is responsible for the transaction fees charged for debit/credit card payments.